POET Course

Parental Occupational Executive Training; Frisch, Tirosh & Rosenblum


Carmit Frisch PhD, BOT, Yael Wissotzky MSc, BOT


Occupational therapists


35 h



The Parental Occupational Executive Training (POET; Frisch, Tirosh & Rosenblum, 2016) intervention focuses on supporting parents understand the nature of the executive functions (EF), how they affect their children’s functioning and participation, and what parents can do to help their children become more successful in their day-to-day functioning. The POET intervention relates to all aspects of life, including navigating morning and evening routines, managing reactions to frustration and excitement, initiating organized self-play indoors, sitting at meals, and doing homework. It was developed at the University of Haifa, Israel. It comprises 8 to10 sessions and can be adjusted to be applied by parents who themselves cope with ADHD.


Experienced occupational therapists interested in learning an evidence-based intervention focused onimproving daily functioning in the natural environment of young children with ADHD symptomatology.



Participants completing this course should be able to:
Define the role of the executive functions and their relation to ADHD; identify warning signs of executive delays among children, ages 3-11 years; implement the POET intervention to improve children’s daily functioning and executive functions in their natural environment.

Participants who fulfill the POET course’s assignment requirements will become POET certified by the Department of Continuing Education & Occupational Therapy Department, University of Haifa, Israel.

3 reviews for POET Course

  1. Bracha Vald

    “The POET course was an excellent learning experience. The course was interesting,clear, and enriching. Not only did it give me, as an occupational therapist, a better understanding of the executive functions and the way they affect daily function, it gave me a practical protocol to train parents and teachers.
    Parents who were trained according to the POET protocol described it as life changing. It gave them a new organized way of seeing their son and his challenges, and taught them practical tools to improve his daily function”

  2. Zoe Brewer

    The POET course really helped me to dig deeper into WHY and the WHAT TO DO. I’ve always loved the model of working closely with parents and carers to affect the most change on daily life and day to day functional skills but the POET course took me so much further in breaking down what I was seeing, how to conceptualise it through the lenses of the executive functions and therefore what do to. Coaching the parents to understand this and so to empower THEM to help their child is exactly in line with my principles as an Occupational Therapist. Having the course on line was excellent as I could access it abroad and re-read material if I needed to. Carmit coached us to see case studies through different lenses than we had before. The practical group discussions and workshop time really solidified the learning and helped to understand in more detail how we could apply it to case examples. Thankyou!

  3. Christine Gleave, OT

    The POET course not only changed the way I thought about executive function and treatment from an OT perspective, but it also changed and influenced the way I practice and communicate with families. I am thankful that there was an online group participation that made this accessible for me. The families I work with have also expressed their appreciation of the model we used in their sessions and I have seen a lot of positive impacts for the children and families I work with. Having it structured in a small group format was helpful in developing my clinical reasoning in this area of practice. I also appreciate the research behind it. This course was one of the best courses I have taken during my time as an occupational therapist. I highly recommend taking this course.

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The syllabus for the hybrid online POET course
Live sessions from 4 pm - 8:30 pm (GMT+3:00), Independent-work between the sessions
14 Jan 2024 (Sunday) Theoretical background and introduction to the POET: EF, their neurobiology among life span, the functional implications of delayed EF, the POET's unique characteristics, Barkley's (2012) model for EF
21 Jan 2024 (Sunday) Improving daily functioning while coping with delayed EF: behavioral and cognitive inhibition, verbal working memory, and emotional regulation
28 Jan 2024 (Sunday) Improving daily functioning while coping with delayed EF: Non- verbal working memory, Planning & problem solving, assessments for young children with ADHD symptomatology
4 Feb 2024 (Sunday) Principles of occupational performance coaching (Graham, Rodger, & Ziviani), its contribution to the POET intervention session structure and process concepts of the International Classification of Function and Health (World Health Organization, 2001), and its influence on the intervention emphasis
11 Feb 2024 (Sunday) Practicing the POET intervention and forms in varied means; processing and analyzing the experience and case reports
12 May 2024 (Sunday) Supervision, unique summary of the POET, coping with parental ADHD